Product Categories

Our Trading Division Product Categories

  • Conveyance systems
  • Fit outs ( supply and installation)
  • Metal works(supply and installation)
  • Pipes, tubes and valves
  • Building products and more
  • Light fixtures
  • Security and LV systems
  • Electrical accessories
  • Oil & Gas Products and Services
What We Do

Our diverse portfolio encompasses oil and gas services, general trading, international representation of companies, projects consultancy, development, and investments.

  • Project consultancy
  • Oil & Gas services
  • General trading
  • Investment
  • Development
  • International Representation
What Distinguishes Us

Petrobuild is grounded in integrity and respect. clients can have assured reliance on the character and ability of our company especially that their opinions and feedbacks are very important to us. Whatever the circumstances are, Petrobuild will do its best to keep your trust.

Petrobuild's employees work with a very high performance in order to ensure the best quality for its customers and the most important proof on this is the enduring, sustainable quality of our previous projects.

High Performance
Petrobuild's employees are personally invested in the company's goals in order to achieve company's mission where the company's primary function is providing the best customer service possible. That's why we're building a long lasting, strong relationships with our clients.