Policy Statement


Our product range has been supplied around the world for many years and Petrobuild has successfully supplied and installed all our range of products for major projects in Qatar.

The Company tradition of excellence in Oil & Gas and Construction industry results from the team approach continually emphasized by the founder himself. The company aims to be the most highly regarded provider in its different specialty fields, continually delivering projects safely, satisfying all regulatory requirements with a high level of client/customer satisfaction. Petrobuild is further enhancing and extending the quality practices through the documentation and implementation of an improved quality system.The group has developed a culture for excellence by handing over projects exceeding our client’s quality standards and always on time.

The management of Petrobuild has a total commitment to the implementation and maintenance of a quality system that fulfils the highest requirements relating to:

  • Tender & Contract
  • Manufacture / Construction
  • Inspection & Test Plans

Quality is the responsibility of every employee and subcontractor of Petrobuild. To assist in this obligation the management will ensure that all personnel are clearly briefed and inducted as to their responsibilities and that suitably qualified personnel are provided with adequate resources and training to maintain the specified quality standard.

To achieve our stated aims it is the Company’s policy to audit the quality system regularly so as to maintain its integrity. The guidelines to this system are given in our Quality Manual and Quality Procedures.

The benefits delivered from our quality system will result in continued opportunities for all members of Petrobuild in an increasingly competitive and demanding market place. While also ensuring the end users of our products have the use of our diversified products of the highest quality.


The assurance of prescribed quality is a fundamental objective of all personnel and is achieved through Petrobuild Quality System.

It is a company wide and totally integrated system which is so organized that its management is free from commercial and contractual influences.

The system is made up of:

  • People with defined responsibilities, authority and accountability for the achievement of prescribed quality.
  • The required process capabilities.
  • Procedures which define how activities are best performed and by whom.
  • Adequate physical resources to support the company’s intent in relation to quality.
  • Work instructions, where needed, to provide highly detailed technical information.

Quality plans for specific projects will be prepared in accordance with the contract schedule.


Petrobuild Quality System is documented in:

  • Quality Manual
  • Quality Procedures Manuals
  • Work Instructions

The key drivers in Petrobuild Quality System are:-

  • Industry Esteem
  • Reduction of Rework
  • Cost reduction
  • Continuous Productivity Improvement
  • Client Satisfaction